Company trainings

In cooperation with a successful Czech education companies we are organizing one-day or longer (several days long) company trainings for a wide range of professions. We aim our cooperation at providing high quality education service; by providing lecturers experienced in management we seek to support you in achieving your goals.  

All of the following branches of company training are adjusted to the customers’ requirements.

Graduation from any of the courses is accepted as an equivalent of the course as taught at LIGS (London International Graduate School).

Business & Marketing

  • warranty claims and customer complaints
  • new customers recruitment
  • customer care
  • dealing difficult or demanding customers
  • valuable business relations development maintenance
  • marketing &business strategies
  • marketing materials creation

Leadership & Management

  • Colleagues motivation and assessment
  • Individuals, team and work group  leadership
  • Building company culture
  • Team cooperation

Time & Stress

  • Time planning
  • Stress handling
  • Stage frights,  worries

Communication & acting assertively

  • The talks and negotiations tactics to apply with superiors, inferiors, colleagues, customers, business partners
  • Misunderstandings, conflicts, crises
  • Assertive performance its grounds, principles and usage in real life situations
  • Crisis communication

Performance & Presentation

  • Presenting offers to the customer
  • Self-presentation in front of the company headquarters
  • Department result presentation (team group or team unit presentation)
  • Self-performances in front of colleagues (inferior or superior)
  • Business partners and customers training

Human resources & law

  • Labour-law in practice
  • Human resources
  • Labour rewards
  • Hiring workers

Computers & Software

  • MS Excel, Word
  • MS Power Point
  • MS Project


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